Purpose of the company

Distributions, membership fees, administrative expenses of GWFF

How does GWFF pass these monies on the rightholders?

For all rights exercised by it, GWFF applies distribution plans approved by the German Patent and Trademark Office which are constantly extended and modified. GWFF prepares for each rightholder statements of account for the individual films for the rights exercised by GWFF.

For this purpose, it is necessary that the rightholder notifies GWFF of the data which are required for the various remuneration sectors, for example, original title, German title, length of the film, country of production, year of production, transmitting broadcaster etc. All data are recorded on forms; they are necessary for the registration and the full identification of the films. In the case of foreign rightholders who do not possess all data which are necessary for computation and distribution purposes, for example, transmission data, GWFF will make such missing data available from its comprehensive transmission and work data file.

What is the price of a membership of GWFF and how is GWFF financed?

The conclusion of a collection agreement with GWFF does not trigger any costs - or membership fees - on the part of the rightholder. Collecting societies are prohibited by law from making profits, and therefore GWFF (being one of the most efficient and cost-effective collecting societies) distributes all amounts to the rightholders after deduction of the administrative costs.

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