Purpose of the company

Remuneration for rental and lending of videograms
Section 27 UrhG

How does the claim purusant to Section 27 UrhG arise?

In the case of rental and lending of videos, the authors have a statutory remuneration claim for the film if and when the rental or the lending serves profit-making purposes on the part of the renting or lending party.

Who pays such remuneration and how does GWFF collect
these amount?

The statutory claim is directed against the operators of video shops.

Also in this sector, GWFF has associated with all other collecting societies to form the ZVV (Zentralstelle für Videovermietung) in order to more effectively assert the claims.

The ZVV concludes tariff agreements with the video shops. The graduated tariffs provided in these agreements depend on the total stock of audio-visual devices offered for rental (for lending) by each video shop.

What must the rightholder do to get his remuneration?

The first precondition is again the conclusion of a collection agreement with GWFF.

However, this remuneration may be claimed only by film authors and not by film producers. Film producers may, however, assert assigned claims.

Furthermore, the notification requirements must be complied with.

This is how GWFF makes distributions to the rightholders.

GWFF makes distributions on the basis of a distribution plan approved by the German Patent and Trademark Office. The amount attributable to the respective rightholder will be determined on the basis of the audiovisual carriers available in video shops for rental it being assumed that the audiovisual carriers will be on the market for four (4) years.

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